Essentials of front-yard landscaping

Essentials of front-yard landscaping

Front-yard landscaping is one of the most important aspects of overall landscape design. Careful attention should always be given in landscaping the front-yard because it is the place that most people see very often—especially when they get to your house.

Getting started

When doing a landscape for your front-yard, the first major consideration would be your personal taste and preference. It is a must that you design your front-yard landscape in such a way that you want to see it not because of what other people tell you. To know what you really want, have a picture of front-yard landscape from different directions of going into the house.

By doing this, you can have an accurate assessment what are the things that you need to incorporate in your landscape design. When you do this, make sure that you have a pen and paper at hand so you can immediately jot down the list of the things that you need, the areas you need to improve on, and what are the parts of the front-yard that should be hidden or removed.

Also, take note of the accessibility in terms of entryways. This is very important because you can ensure you and your family’s safety when there’s accident such as fire and other calamities. While you’re at this, also take note of your front-yard’s planting needs so you can meet it once you start with your front-yard landscaping.

The following are just some of the things that you need to pay attention to when you start with your front yard landscaping:

1. The architectural features, structures, and the plants. Architectural features are very important because these are just some of the permanent features of the front yard. You need to invest on this because this will be a very big part of your front yard for a long period of time. It is best to carefully plan the selection of materials to be used so the harmony and balance in your landscape will not be ruined.

Also, take note of structures such as steps and other entry points. When it comes to choosing plants, make sure that they can survive all throughout the year. You should also know how to place them properly to complement overall look of the front yard.

2. The entries. This is also a very significant part of front yard landscaping because it greatly impacts the entrance of your home. In landscaping entries, make sure that they are cleared enough and exude an inviting air. One great tip is to use plants that lead people to the main door of your home. You can also add structures such as dim lampposts and trellis as well as accent shrubs and potted plants to accentuate the entry way.

3. The walks. The best thing to do when landscaping walks in create a patent that will follow that natural access for walking. This is very practical to avoid people—especially children—in stepping on areas that they should not step on. You can opt for straight paths, which are the least expensive, but you can also opt for curved ones using logs and other materials.

4. The steps. The steps are also a significant part of any front yard landscaping because it connects the path where people walk. When you do your landscape, make sure that the steps are noticeable or obvious so people would be careful in stepping on it. To make it more noticeable, try using plants as accents.

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