Fiber Optics Technician Jobs

Fiber Optics Technician Jobs

Knowledge in fiber optics practical applications can be a huge ticket to any rewarding profession. It should be obvious, with the number of optical fiber pipes being laid underground, the innumerable requests for materials concerning fiber optics, and the ever innovating practical uses of fiber optics. That makes fiber optics technician jobs the most coveted and highly rewarding entries in the job market as of today.

Here’s a compilation of fiber optics technician jobs available in the job market.

Optical Fiber Cable Manufacturing

The work of the Optical Fiber Cable Manufacturing involves the production of: optical fiber, fiber optic amplifiers, attenuators and filters, fiber optic receiver, transmitter, transceivers, fiber optic terminals and terminators, optical fiber polishing machines and all sorts of products that is used directly in optical fiber installation and optical fiber systems.

The fiber optics technician jobs are the fiber optics cable design engineer, fiber optics production engineer, fiber optics test engineer, fiber optics cable technician, fiber optics test and measurement technician, fiber optics marketing specialist, fiber optics sales engineer, and the fiber optics installation technician. Most requirements for these fields aside from 1 to 2 years relevant work experience would be a college degree, preferably engineering, electrical, or relevant technical majors. You can also enhance your chances by entering the Fiber Optic Training Program at Corning Cable Systems (at: This training program gets you acquainted with practical fiber optics, installation, maintenance and design, as well as testing and troubleshooting.

Optical Fiber Sources and Detectors

Since fiber optics has extensive usage as sensors and detectors on a number of sensor equipment including SONAR, fiber optics technician jobs on optical fiber sources and detectors are becoming a job market regular.

The fiber optics technician jobs are the fiber optic source researcher, fiber optic source engineer, fiber optics source technician, fiber optics source application engineer, fiber optics sales engineer and fiber optics marketing specialist. Like the optical fiber cable manufacturers, the fiber optics technician jobs for optical fiber sources and detectors requires 1 to 2 years relevant work experience and a college degree, preferably from engineering, electrical, or relevant technical majors. Though any college degree may be acceptable, technical know-how gain from these courses would help practical job applications. Of course you can alos opt to delve into fiber optic training such as those listed on the online FOA Board (at

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