The 10 tips for a good maintenance of fountain pens

The 10 ideas for an excellent maintenance of fountain pens

1) Clean your pen every couple of weeks and whenever changing ink shade.
2) Utilize just chilly or lukewarm water when washing the pen. Demineralised water will certainly function best (faucet water sometimes includes particles which might obstruct the feed).
3) Never ever use hot water, alcohol or solvents as these will damage the feed or various other components of the pen irreparably.
4) Laundry the pen by filling up and also emptying it with water (repeat this until the water is clear). If the pen uses a cartridge/converter, saturate the nib area in water for some hours.
5) If you do not plan on using your pen for an extended amount of time, empty and also clean it out before storing it away.
6) Avoid utilizing chemically dealt with paper, which typically has a glossy feeling, because it does not absorb ink well as well as leaves residues on the factor of the nib which might obstruct the ink flow
7) If travelling by plane, it is a basic policy to adhere to with ink pen to fill or empty them entirely and also maintain them kept in upright setting with the factor up. This will certainly prevent leak.
8) Do not loan your pen to any person, as the nib readjusts just to your own creating design (i.e.: stress as well as angle).
9) When not using the pen, keep it stored up and down with factor up to avoid ink from clearing up in and also obstructing the feed.
10) If your pen does not write right away (after not having actually been utilized it for even more than a month) the ink has actually probably dried out as well as blocked the nib and also feed. To restore the ink flow either wash the nib with water or fill and also empty it with ink of same color. If it does not create yet, wash it with lukewarm water.

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