Vacuums Commercial or Domestic?

´╗┐Vacuums Commercial or Domestic?

Most of us would be lost without our trusty vacuum cleaner to help around the house, and usually, a domestic strength vacuum model is more than sufficient to meet our cleaning needs. While the typical type of cleaner that is used at home is of a power designed specifically with a home environment in mind, there are some times when a domestic vacuum can fall short. Should you invest in a commercial-strength vacuum cleaner?

Commercial vacuums were designed with an environment other than the domestic in mind. While normal home life usually involves a certain amount of dust and debris, this is very little in comparison to that created in more commercial environments. Whether this is a busy office or a factory floor, commercial vacuums are manufactured with this in mind, and are therefore more powerful, more durable, and more difficult to manoeuvre.

A commercial vacuum cleaner might be more appropriate if you have a large home to clean, or place particularly heavy demands upon your cleaner. This type of vacuum usually boasts a more powerful suction device than domestic brands, allowing you to ensure your environment is kept as spotless as possible. While these types of cleaner might seem ideal for those with more rigorous hygiene requirements, such as those households that include someone who is ill, a breed of domestic cleaners has been developed that removes many allergens from your surfaces. These include a technology known as HEPA, and help keep your home as particle free as possible.

A commercial vacuum cleaner might be suitable for you if you run a business from your home that generates excessive debris, or if you have heavy traffic on your floors. A commercial cleaner is a good choice for those who are considering making a job of cleaning, as domestic vacuums may fall short of the heavy use required in that situation. A commercial model can easily tackle office debris, such as staples and paper clips, while these might cause clogging in a domestic type, making an already physically intensive job even more demanding.

With its durability and power, a commercial vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice if your cleaning needs are greater than might be found in the average home. Investing in a commercial strength cleaner might seem steep, but it is a choice that can save you money in the long run.

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