Maintainence of new equipment lengthens company investments

´╗┐Maintainence of new equipment lengthens company investments

With any investment comes the importance of maintenance. As the CEO of a large company, I wanted to ensure the greatest length of use when installing my new company investment. After purchasing a multi-line digital phone system, I wanted my purchase to last for a lifetime. This would make the cost of the investment more sufficient to my future budgets.

My employees were extremely satisfied with the new installation. Their easy-to-use features allowed for a greater productivity level throughout the company. Customers were happier; employees were as well, which leads to my current state of happiness as well.

After purchasing this large system, it was suggested that close attention be made to the maintenance of the equipment. In order for the phones to remain 100%, they must be taken care of. My employees use the system all day, 7 days a week. It is essential for the phones to remain new and fresh.

By taking time on a daily basis to clean the phones with a cotton cloth and rubbing alcohol, employees can be assured that their health is secure. This is an effective way to remove the usual residue that backs up on a phone because of its constant use. This also will lead to greater success of the phones in the future.

Studies show that most of the germs that we pass along come from the telephone. This added cleanliness factor may result in less sick days being taken by your employees. This also adds to the overall success of your company.

By maintaining the phones, my large equipment investment could be lengthened. By taking a few moments to clean the phones, their continued satisfaction for customers, my employees and myself is guaranteed. This satisfaction ensured even greater success for my business and most importantly, satisfying the concerns of my customers.

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