Purchasing new phone equipment leads to greater company success

Purchasing new phone equipment leads to greater company success

Communication is key to a successful business. As a customer service representative, the quality of my business’s current phone system isn’t exactly the most technologically-advanced equipment. After twenty years of customer service experience at 3 different companies, I have discovered through the years that effective phone systems are essential for a business. They ensure the greatest availability and accessibility for employees to assist customers with their concerns.

Because of my forward-thinking work ethic, I researched new phone systems and decided to initiate a new phone system purchase from a website that sold a variety of top manufacturers at a low, more affordable price for growing businesses. The low prices made it easier to convince my boss to invest in them. This site helps companies to further extend their phone systems throughout their company, therefore allowing for a greater rate of success after installation occurs.

The convenience of online usage in literally anything, allowed for a quicker decision to be made. Both my supervisor and I viewed the systems online. We both decided these systems would help our future success and ultimately the customer’s. This played a large part in our decision-making process. Our customers are always the first people that we are concerned about.

After discovering that there are a variety of systems, key, PBX, digital or hybrid systems, we decided to implement a Complete Avaya Lucent Partner package. This system allows for the ability of 5 lines and 9 telephones to access it. Most importantly, it can be expanded to 17 lines and 41 phones. Our investment would include everything we needed to get started at a comparable lower rate than any other company I researched.

The easy-to-use service and affordability factor made it hard for my boss to say no. And now a month after installation, my colleagues and I enjoy a great phone system that allows us to effectively answer the questions and concerns of our customers. Our daily concerns of our old phone systems are gone. Now we can remain calm and assured that our new phone system purchase was the right choice to make!

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